Why buy from Timbrook Kia?

Our Commitment to you…….

1.            To be friendly and courteous at all times.

2.            To be respectful and considerate of your time.

3.            To never advertise anything we cannot deliver.

4.            To never act like a typical car sales person from the 'good ole' days'.

5.            To serve your vehicle needs that will meet your budget.

6.            To provide information to you so that you can make a well-informed decision based on price, payment and trade value.

7.            To introduce you to our Kia Certified and Trained service and parts Departments.  They will take great care of you after your purchase.

8.            To do our very best of serving your needs to earn your business and if not, we remain friends.

9.            To make sure you speak to one of our manager's before you leave.

10.        To make your experience at Timbrook Kia the best experience ever!


At Timbrook Kia, we believe that if all things are equal, you will want to buy your next vehicle from a dealer that has a proven track record of customer service before, during and after your purchase.  Every member of our staff is here to serve you and your needs.  This means our entire staff, from the Certified Sales Associates, to our Kia Certified Technicians, management and staff and especially our General Manager and other owners, are here to be of any assistance we can offer.  We are all committed to the common goal of Customer Satisfaction.  All of our employees wear name tags with no titles because we are here to serve you, our customers! 

Timbrook Kia is the One Place To Go for all of your vehicle requirements.