Kia Check Engine Light Diagnosis Service

Check Engine Light Diagnosis Available at Timbrook Kia in Cumberland, MD

Have you noticed a yellow or orange image of an engine illuminated on your dashboard? This is the check engine light, which indicates that your Kia's onboard diagnostic system has identified a potential problem. The tricky part is, it could be one of the numerous problems. This light can indicate an issue with your Kia's exhaust, fuel, ignition, or emissions system. Luckily, your Kia's onboard system will store a unique diagnostic code, which our certified technicians can retrieve. With this information and the latest automotive tools and technology, we can determine the cause of your check engine light. We can then address the issue with proper routine maintenance, specific repairs, or replacement parts. Schedule your appointment for a check engine light diagnosis today at Timbrook Kia in Cumberland, Maryland.

What Causes the Check Engine Light to Come on in Your Kia?

With many potential causes of your check engine light coming on, it can be difficult to get to the root cause. While it could be as simple as a loose or faulty gas cap, it could also signify a serious issue, such as a misfiring engine. If your check engine light is blinking or flashing, the problem is serious. If it is a solid yellow or orange light, it could be an issue with the mass airflow sensor, emissions purge control valve, ignition coils, oxygen coils, fuel injectors, or spark plugs.

What to Do When Your Check Engine Light Comes On?

Is your check engine light on? The first thing to do is determine whether it is a flashing or solid light. If it is flashing, stop driving immediately and call a tow truck. Your engine could be misfiring, and continued driving could damage the catalytic converter. If it is a solid light, you can first inspect your gas cap and see if it is screwed on tightly. If this doesn't correct the issue in a day or so, schedule an appointment at Timbrook Kia for a check engine light diagnosis. Our certified Kia technicians can retrieve the diagnostic and get to the bottom of the issue.

Stop In for a Check Engine Light Diagnosis at Timbrook Kia in Cumberland, MD

At Timbrook Kia, we have the necessary expertise, automotive tools and technology, skills, and understanding of your particular model needed to correctly diagnose and address any underlying issues that may have caused your checked engine light to illuminate. Schedule your appointment today for a check engine light diagnostic service, and we can quickly and accurately resolve any problems your Kia may be experiencing. We install only genuine OEM parts from the manufacturer, backed by a warranty. You can use our convenient online scheduling system to book your service appointment today.

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