Wintertime isn't terribly kind to your vehicle, especially with the abundance of rain, sleet, snow and ice we so often see here in this part of the country. At Timbrook Kia in Cumberland MD, we're in the business of helping cars get fortified against the worst that weather can send your way. When you see us for comprehensive winter service, we can make sure all your major safety components are in the right shape to face down frigid conditions.

Winter checkpoint #1: Have us check your fluid levels

Your antifreeze is one of your best friends when the weather tries to give you the cold shoulder. It's specially formulated to help keep the temperature level in your radiator within a safe zone. We can make sure you have enough antifreeze and we can do a flush and refill if you need one. We can also top off the fluid in your windshield wiper reservoir to make sure you can clean off any ice or debris that lands on your windshield.

Winter checkpoint #2: Let us check your tires

Because your tires are the contact point between you and the road, it's important that you have the right kind of rubber rolling underneath you. We can do a tread depth check to see if you have enough tread for icy, slippery conditions. If you have anything less than 4/32nds of an inch, we’ll recommend a brand new set of tires. Our factory-trained technicians can help you select the name brand tires that will keep you safe all winter long.

Winter checkpoint #3: Let us give you a wheel alignment

Winter has a way of creating its own unique obstacle course by being downright harsh on road surfaces around Hancock and Frostburg MD. Before long, you'll notice potholes but usually not until right after you hit one. That can knock your wheels out of alignment which means your steering won't be as accurate and you won't be driving as safely. One of our certified technicians can do an expert wheel alignment that will get you back on track and help keep your family safe.

Winter checkpoint #4: A battery check

If you've noticed how much harder it is to get up and get started on a cold winter morning, just think how your battery feels. Even the best batteries have a tougher time starting a car's engine when winter temperatures are freezing. That's why it's a good idea to have us do a load test on your battery, to find out if there's enough juice to do the job. If not, we have an excellent selection of new batteries in stock and we'll be glad to install one for you.

Winter checkpoint #5: Have us check your windshield wipers

Because Mother Nature has her own lovable way of raining down on your parade with ice, snow and even mud, your windshield wipers become more important than ever. We can inspect your wiper blades and the entire assembly to see if they’re giving you the maximum visibility you need when winter weather rains down. If you need new wiper blades, we can install a fresh set for you so you can see clearly as you drive around Keyser WV and Somerset PA.

Our winter service checkup is your best defense against cold weather

We encourage you to contact us soon before you see any more hazardous road conditions and schedule an appointment for our complete winter checkup. It's worth the drive from Hagerstown MD, so before winter tries to give you its worst, we'll give you our best at Timbrook Kia in Cumberland MD.

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